Where Hearts and Minds Meet

HopSkipDrive has always been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families. We understand that transportation can be the difference between success and struggle, which is why we’re on a mission to use technology, operational expertise, and new thinking to help kids reach their full potential by providing a safe, dependable way to get them where they need to be. 






As a mission-driven organization, we have always placed great emphasis on living our values in all that we do. 



Safety is everything

We leave no stone unturned, we think of every possibility, and we do all that we can to protect the children and CareDrivers at the heart of HopSkipDrive.


Feel it

Empathy is the essence of our business. Be courageous enough to feel the fears, the stress, the worry of others. You can help them.


Own it

When you see something that needs to get done, step up. You are the solution.


Think bigger

We are the champions of big ideas. What we believe we can achieve.



We feel the urgency and we’re answering it with initiative, grit, and scrappiness.


Less Eeyore,
more Tigger

There is power in positivity. Be the force for change, the bright light, the enthusiastic problem-solver.


Make tomorrow better

We are constantly improving. We believe in getting things out there, measuring impact, and digging into the data to find a better way.



The Founders

Carolyn   Yashari Becher    Joanna   McFarland    Janelle   McGlothlin

Carolyn Yashari Becher

Joanna McFarland

Janelle McGlothlin

What started as the struggle of three working moms trying to get their busy kids to and from school and all their activities more than five years ago, has grown into a proven transportation solution that helps schools, families, organizations, and government agencies give kids easier access to the opportunities they deserve. 

Our “mom DNA” laid the foundation of extensive safety measures and attention to detail. We added technology and logistics to build a robust system that enables a seamless network of thousands of attentive CareDrivers. Together, this is the engine that powers a unique, proven solution for some of the largest school districts and social services agencies in the nation. 


We Are HopSkipDrive

Every person in our organization is dedicated to helping kids get to their full potential. We’re seasoned professionals, caring parents, and committed advocates that believe we can make a difference by eliminating transportation challenges as a barrier to opportunity. Meet the team and get to know the people that set us apart.