About Us

HopSkipDrive was founded by three experienced professionals who are also working moms. Together, we have eight children ages 5-13.  We understand the stress of getting kids everywhere they need to go. We created HopSkipDrive to fill this very real need and to help take a little bit of the hassle and hectic out of being a parent.  



Joanna has more than 15 years experience in product and general management.  She has a MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Joanna drives her two boys, Jackson (8) and Sam (5), to school, karate, T-ball and cub scouts.


CAROLYN YASHARI BECHER - FOUNDER & Head of Policy and People

Carolyn has been practicing law and leading non-profit organizations for more than 15 years. She received her BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley and her JD from UCLA School of Law. Carolyn drives her three girls, Gabi (13), Maya (10) and Ellie (6) to school, gymnastics, tennis, and camp.



Janelle runs Writebrand, Inc., a branding and copywriting firm, and has been helping companies define their stories for more than 16 years.  She received a BA in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Strategic Management from the Wharton School. Janelle drives her three kids, Gus (9), Mattie (7) and Ellie (5) to school, karate, gymnastics and dance.